Ross & Rachel by MOTOR
June 28, 2016
8:30 pm
New Diorama Theatre

Look at all those couples. Which one will leave. Which one will run. Which one is cheating on the other. Which one will die first. Him. Him. Her. Him.

Ross & Rachel tells the mind-bending, heart-breaking story of what happens when a couple that was always meant to be together, gets together. And stays together.

In this disquieting duologue for one performer, 2015 Olivier-nominee and 2016 Critics Circle Most Promising Playwright winner James Fritz (4 Minutes, 12 Seconds, Hampstead/West End) takes an unflinching look at the myths of modern love.

Molly Vevers reprises her award-winning performance after the show’s critically acclaimed, sold out world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and 2016 New York transfer.

Supported by public funding from Arts Council England.

Directed by Thomas Martin
Designed by Alison Neighbour
Sound Design by Jon McLeod
Lighting Design by Douglas Green