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Thank you for wanting to find out more ways to get involved with Incoming Festival. We are no longer accepting submissions for the 2018 festival, but do look below to see how we programme the festival and consider applying for the 2019 festival.

Details of our submission process can be found below.

Submission Window:
Our submission window is generally open June to November each year. We tend to have the festival fully programmed by December and January. We do see work all year round for potential future festivals.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival:
A large proportion of our programming comes from seeing shows during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Our team spend several weeks seeing up to 100 shows during this period.

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Other Times of the Year:
Drop us an email on incomingfestival[at] with an invitation to your show. We’ll do our best to see the work. If we can’t make it we will also accept video submissions so please do film your show if you can. We do see work throughout the year so if you want us to see your show for inclusion in a future Incoming Festival do let us know.

Have a question? Feel free to email us on incomingfestival[at] or see the frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ’emerging’ mean for Incoming Festival?
Emerging for us is less about age and more about relationships and work. A company might be forging new collaborations, working on its first piece or be a new company. Companies who self-define as emerging are all good for us.

So emerging is not about age?
No. Whilst the festival is co-produced by A Younger Theatre we do not programme work based age.

I’m an independent artist; can I apply?
We only programme theatre companies. We do not present work by solo or independent artists.

What work does Incoming Festival present?
Incoming Festival is for the best emerging theatre companies. We’re looking for bold and exciting theatre. We want to champion your work and give it a platform. We want to celebrate the work of emerging theatre companies and give audiences the chance to see what we believe are the companies who will be making big waves in the theatre world in the next few years. In the 2014 and 2015 festival we programmed physical theatre, puppetry, new writing and more; this is a festival for theatre companies.

Do you programme scratches or work-in-progress?
We tend to programme finished work that is roughly one-hour long. We often present world premieres as part of the festival but we do our best not to show work-in-progress pieces. We’re often asked why and the answer is simple: as programmers, we’re excited when companies present finished pieces of work. Sometimes it can be daunting for a company to call its work finished when it may be presented before it goes out on an official tour or longer run. We say: let’s embrace this excitement and present the work without caveats. We believe in your work, let audiences see it too.

What are the 2017 Incoming Festival Dates?
2 June – 11 June 2017.

Where does Incoming Festival take place?
At New Diorama Theatre, Warren Street, London and non-theatre venues when possible.

What does the festival offer for companies?
We’re really proud of what we offer companies who perform as part of Incoming Festival. Companies receive a fixed fee of £450 and a 50:50 box office split. Most companies who perform during the festival receive around £600 total payment. Companies are invited to pitch workshops to run alongside their show, and we pay an additional £200 per workshop. We also offer free photography by our festival photographer Richard Davenport, inclusion in the festival brochure and marketing support. We also support the companies that present work through development bursaries, funding advice and Grants for the Arts application guidance. All companies have the opportunity to be considered for an Incoming Festival Development Award which comes with a £500-1000 cash prize.

We’re not performing during the submission window, can I still be considered?
The festival team are keen to see all work for inclusion within the festival – we think this is important. However we understand that not everyone will be performing when we’re looking, so we will consider submissions where a video of the performance is included.

Do we have to be a UK-based company?
Whilst we’re a small team, we’ll always do our best to support companies that are not based in the UK to present work during the festival. If you are  a non-UK company feel free to apply. During 2015’s festival we flew one company in from Spain – so do talk to us.